Best POS System in Canada

Best POS System in Canada

Point of sale system is the place where the transaction is made.  They attract customers who prefer using iPad’s, and tablet devices. It is also easy to use by the staff and can save many hours of work. Point of sale systems is also known to make secure payments and protect all of your customer’s information. The following are some of the best point of sale systems in Canada.

  1. TouchBistro iPad POS

TouchBistro is the best-selling iPad POS system that is used in over 37 countries. It is a simple to use software that can be accessed by one main iPad or several iPad’s as well. It includes features that allow you to hide items based on the time of the day or based on the inventory. TouchBistro first comes with a free trial period and then it is billed for annually.

  1. Lightspeed

Lightspeed POS system is a cloud based POS system. The POS system can be used for online or physical retail systems. It is also known for providing software, combined solutions and hardware’s in bundles. Lightspeed also has great customer support that can assist to the customers at all times. The price for lightspeed begins from $69 per month.

  1. Revel Systems

Revel systems are best known for their iPad POS systems. They have even won an award for “best iPad business app of the year.” It is the best cloud based and POS system. Revel systems are usually used in retail stores and restaurants, where a lot of transactions take place. They include other features such as integrated inventory and management of social media.

  1. Quetzal

Quetzal may not be as big as the other point of sale software’s but it is great for smaller businesses. Their pricing package begins from $75 per month with a free trial period. Quetzal does not include a contract nor does it have any kind of start up fee. Even though it is made for an iPad, it can also be used on chrome, safari and Firefox. Moreover, since the software deals with small businesses, it does not work with businesses that have more than 10 branches.

  1. Epos Now

Epos now is mainly employed by small to medium sized businesses. They include features such as an inventory management, retail accounting and a lot more. Moreover, the software is compatible with Apple devices as well as Windows machines.